Friday, April 20, 2012

Opening Day!

Here in Upstate NY, our summers are short and our winters are harsh.  Unlike warmer regions, we only get to experience the benefits of summer for a brief period.  So, we get really excited when the weather gets warm enough for opening day.  No, I'm not talking about baseball.  I'm talking about something much more important.

Ice Cream!

When spring gets warm enough to be considered "almost summer," the local soft serve ice cream places open up.  It's a big deal around here.  Since soft ice cream is only around for a few months, summer evenings are often spent driving to an ice cream stand to enjoy a cone while the kids get all sticky and run around in the adjacent field.

Yesterday, I saw on Facebook that our favorite ice cream place had just opened for the season.  So, I did what any good parent does.  I loaded the kids in the car at 7:30 pm on a school night and drove 15 minutes to the ice cream place.

We were all very excited

Even Elliot

It looks like summer is almost here.  I love opening day!


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