Sunday, March 25, 2012

Date Night

For those of you with kids, you're totally going to understand how incredible what I'm about to say is.  For the rest of you, who experience date night's on a regular basis...well, good for you.  Enjoy it, because someday you might have kids and suddenly realize that a half an hour spent as a couple at Target without children is magical.

Anyway, last night Paul and I had a date night.  Both kids were at my parent's house and Paul and I had three hours to know, to have dinner and then run errands, because that's what parents tend to do on date nights.  I know it sounds boring, but if you have ever tried to shop with two kids in tow, you understand how fabulous it is when you don't have to chase anyone around the store.

So, like all parents who have a night away, we made plans to eat dinner at a restaurant that isn't completely child-friendly. Tonight's choice was a new Himilayan restaurant that I have never been to.

The place is small and intimate and beautifully decorated.

The food was fabulous and Paul and I enjoyed eating together without having to tell anyone to stop getting up from their chair or throwing food on the floor.  It was so strange.  At one point, I almost reprimanded the old man at the table next to us for getting up from his seat, but then I remembered that he wasn't with us...old habits die hard.

I had a soup called Vegetable Thenthuk, which the menu described as "pulled wheat noodles in a vegetable broth with spices, radishes and spinach."  The menu stated that it was hearty enough to eat as a meal.  After trying it, I have to agree.  This soup was incredible.  It was spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg and many other fabulous spices and full of hand pulled wheat noodles, radishes, spinach, carrots and celery.  I loved it.

Paul and I had a great time chatting over dinner and enjoying each other's company.  The food was delicious, the atmosphere was intimate and charming, and the couple time was much needed.  I left the restaurant feeling very relaxed and ready to tackle the week ahead.  After all, sometimes all you need is a good date night.


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