Sunday, August 12, 2012


I turned thirty-six on Friday.  On Saturday, I ran 6.3 miles in 55:30 with an average pace of 8:49.  It was my fastest run ever.  I may be getting older, but I'm definitely not slowing down.

I know a lot of people stress about getting older, but I have to say, I'm really enjoying this age.  I feel like I have finally grown into myself, if that makes any sense.  I'm comfortable with who I am.  My twenties were fun, but my thirties are more "real."  I just feel comfortable in my own skin, which is something I didn't feel in my twenties.

Two weeks ago, one of my best friends posted pictures from her wedding on Facebook.  The wedding was ten years ago, just as I was turning 26.  When I looked at the pictures, I couldn't believe what I was seeing.  Most people look back on pictures of themselves from their early to mid twenties and wish for their old bodies or their youthful faces, but I looked at that picture with disgust.  I was so unhealthy, and it showed.  I smoked, drank a lot, ate horribly and I was about 30 pounds heavier.  I just didn't look good.

When I commented on the picture, I said:

Wow! I can't say I'm happy to see this picture of myself on facebook, but since I LOVE you it's OK. At least I can say that after 10 years and two kids, I'm actually in better shape and healthier than I was that day.

That's the thing that impresses me the most.  I am in way better shape than I was ten years ago.

When I say I can't fit into jeans I wore in college, it's not because they're too's because they're too big.

Getting older isn't always a bad thing!


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