Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mixing it Up

On Sunday, in an attempt to expand my exercise horizons, I dediced to go spinning with my Dad. All I can say is  WOW! Spinning is tough! As a runner, I tend to think my sport is the most difficult and sweat-inducing, but each time I try something new, I'm reminded that running isn't the be all end all of sports.  Don't get me wrong, I still do and always will love the feeling of running.  It makes my heart pound, my legs ache, and my body sweat in such a good way.  However, I am also discovering the joy that comes from other exercises.  I think this year (I work at a community college, so the new year for me always begins in the end of August/beginning of September), my focus is going to be on trying new things and diversifying my fitness.

In addition to some half marathons, and a possible full marathon, I'm considering adding a triathalon or two into the race lineup for the upcoming year.  I am also starting to think about doing a century ride the following year.  My father is an avid cyclist, and he has completed two centuries.  It would be really memorable to do a century ride with him someday. 

So, it looks like this year is going to be a year of exploration.  I'm hoping that adding some new things to the mix will keep me excited about exercise and will help me keep my body in shape.  But, most of all, I hope it helps me stay energized and focused so that I can be a better mother, wife, teacher and friend.


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