Friday, August 5, 2011

Is 7 the new Tween?

Seriously...when did this incredible, smart, funny, thoughtful child become a teenager?

The last time I checked, a (almost)seven year-old was still a child.  However, in the past two days, she has given me a very attitudey (is that even a word) finger snap, rolled her eyes at me, and then today, when I told her to do something, she looked right at me from her spot on the couch and said, in a snotty voice, "Make me!"  She's lucky that I didn't actually take her seriously.

Amelia has always been an independent, emotional, precocious child.  It's tough to find the balance between embracing her unique and challenging nature, and squashing it with the need to teach her respect and self-control.  Honestly, I want a child who questions the world around her, who challenges authority, who stands up for herself and what she wants...but...I just don't want her to do it with me :)

Boy, this parenting thing sure is hard!


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