Saturday, July 7, 2012

My Favorite Running Partner

There are two types of runners...those who like running with other people and those who don't.  People who choose to run by themselves enjoy the solitude and quiet reflection time that running alone provides.  Those runners who choose to run with other people enjoy the camaraderie and motivation that running alongside others provides.  I'm somewhere in the middle.  I LOVE running with other people, especially on long runs.  I'm lucky to have a few girlfriends who run, and I always enjoy the chatting time when I run with them.  I also really enjoy running with Paul.  We occasionally arrange for babysitting for the kids (luckily Nana and Papa are nearby) just so we can go for a run.  It actually makes for a really nice date.  But, I also enjoy running by myself.  There's something so enjoyable about hitting the streets by myself and just being alone with my thoughts.  When I have a problem to work through or a project I'm working on at work, I use the time to process everything and come up with an action plan.  I think I actually wrote half of my thesis in my head while I was running.

But...I have a new running partner that I could happily run with every time.  He's so sweet and loving and he is always willing to let me lead the way.  He doesn't complain and he never tries to get me to stop and walk.  When I need to be inside my head, he runs beside me silently and let's me do what I have to do.  When I feel like chatting, he listens to me and lets me say what I have to say.  He's always willing to go anywhere that I want to go, and he keeps up with my pace perfectly.  He's the perfect running partner.

Meet Elliot!

He's our 4.5 year old English Setter mix.  Isn't he sweet?

We adopted Elliot when he was 9 months old from our local animal shelter. However, at the time, we had a second dog and I didn't want to take both of them running.  So, I just settled for long walks with the two of them.  Sadly, our other dog died on September 30th, and Elliot became an only dog.  So, he can now go running with me.

I always had a feeling that Elliot would be a good running dog (our other dog was not), and I was right.  He's a great running partner!  Now that he has been running with me for a while, he really looks forward to it.  Every time he sees me get my running clothes on and lace up my shoes, he starts to wiggle with excitement.  Quite honestly, I couldn't ask for a better running partner!


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