Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sugar Free Me: Moderation is Key

Well, after a week of trying to reduce my sugar intake, I'm happy to report that I have been very successful.  Does that mean that I completely eliminated sugar from my diet?  Nope!  Instead, I spent the majority of the week avoiding sugar-laden treats, but I did let myself indulge two times when I really wanted to.  One night, Paul and I took the kids out for frozen yogurt, which is one of my favorite treats.  It was a fun family outing, and I didn't want to miss out, so I had a cup with some fruit on top and I enjoyed every bite.  Tonight, we had a potluck get together at a friend's house and there were some delicious desserts there.  I knew I could say no and not eat them, but I decided that it was a worthy indulgence.  I enjoyed every bite.  So, during the week, I ate sugar three times (counting the first day).  Do I consider that a failure?  Not at all!  I drastically reduced the amount of sugar I normally eat.  I was able to get through most days without grabbing a sweet snack or mindlessly snacking on mini candy bars.  I didn't go to bed each night having consumed countless handfuls of chocolate chips.  Overall, it was a great week.  What I found was that I do best when I allow myself some leeway.  If I deny myself completely and think that I'm never going to be able to eat a sweet snack again, I just want it more.  But, by being mindful of the amount of sugar I consume and intentionally choosing to eat it only when I really want it, I was able to reduce my intake significantly.  Once again, I have learned that moderation is key.


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