Monday, September 12, 2011

Just Checking In...

I'm in the midst of an incredibly long day that won't end until after my FSA (my daughter's elementary schools' version of the PTA) meeting at 9:00 tonight.  I planned to write my recap of days 5 & 6 during my lunch hour at work today, but I forgot my camera and the cord for my iPhone.  So, I have no pictures.  I want to wait to do a post because the weekend was so full of fun and activities that I don't want to just tell you about it.  I want to show you.  So, I'll have to do a proper post tomorrow morning.

For now, I'm just checking in to say that the Clean Food Challenge is going well.  I'm struggling more with the desire to eat junk this time than last time, which I think is because I'm the only one doing it this time.  Last time, there was a group of us doing it, and I felt the power of camaraderie.  this time, it's just me.  But, I did resist all of the junk that was around me this weekend, and I feel better for it.  I won't lie, I'm looking forward to the end of the week so I can eat some chocolate and drink some wine, but for today I'm OK.

The only blip I had this weekend was when, in the midst of the chaos of two activity-packed days, I pulled into Starbucks to order my standard weekend treat - a skinny vanilla latte.  Quite honestly, I wasn't even thinking.  It's not that I was intentionally cheating, I just didn't think about the challenge at all.  I had just survived a morning spent shuttling both kids to karate and swimming lessons (which are held at the same time in different locations) by myself because Paul was helping a friend put a new floor down.  I needed a boost, and as we got ready to head to the next activity, I mindlessly pulled into Starbucks, ordered my latte, and drove off.  It wasn't until I had enjoyed four sips of it that I suddenly remembered that I wasn't supposed to be drinking it.  Oh well, we all make mistakes.  It wasn't worth beating myself up over.  I decided that the damage was already done, and finished the latte.  But, I didn't let it sabotage the rest of the challenge.  In the past, I would have justified other indulgences by telling myself that I had already ruined the challenge.  This time, I enjoyed every drop of the sweet, milky caffeine, and then I moved on.  I think that's actually significant progress.

So, there's a brief update.  I have a big post planned for tomorrow with weekend highlights, including what we did and what I ate.  I also have some exercise updates and a plan for the coming weeks.  See you tomorrow!


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