Monday, September 26, 2011

Redefining Success

I was all set to post tonight about my need to get back on track with calorie-counting so that I can lose the last couple of pounds that are still hanging around.  I was going to start using sparkpeople again and put my plans to count calories and limit my food intake out there in the blogosphere so that I can be held accountable.  I was writing the post in my head, with examples of my weekly menu options and food choices already pre-determined. 

This was my plan all day.  Then, something changed.  On my drive home from work, in a rare moment of quiet self-reflection, I realized that I was looking at it all wrong.  Sure...I might have a little softness still around the edges.  Sure...I might not be at the lowest weight possible for my body type.  Sure...I do indulge a little too often in extra snacks.  But, I'm also a healthy, active, fit person who expects a lot of my body.  I run numerous days throughout the week.  I walk my dogs.  I swim.  I bike.  I play and dance with my children.  I take on a lot of extra projects and activities and expect my body to perform with little complaint.  And you know what?  It does.  My body is strong and capable, and it rarely complains when I expect it to take on a new challenge.  So, rather than focus on what is wrong with my body, I have decided to appreciate everything it can do.

I eat healthy and stay active.  I don't need to restrict my food intake.  Instead, I need to make sure I'm being as healthy and active as possible, and trust that my body will be the shape and size it is intended to be.  After all, isn't that what healthy living is all about?


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