Friday, July 15, 2011

Lead Feet

Sometimes, it takes so much for me to get going on a run.  After a streak of really fabulous runs, yesterday's run was less than stellar.  My legs felt like they were a thousand pounds and my feet felt like they were made of lead.  I was only running 4 miles, and I struggled the entire time.  I think part of the problem is that it typically takes me 2.5 miles or so to really get into a run, so the shorter runs don't allow me enough time to find my mojo.  Although, sometimes, the entire run just feels like a flop regardless of distance.  I think that is what yesterday's run would have been like, whether it was 4 miles or 14 miles.  I just wasn't feeling it.  That's the amazing and frustrating aspect of running.  No matter how long you have been running for or how far you have run, there is always the chance that a run will be less than stellar.  I'm just hoping that yesterday was a one time thing and not the beginning of a running rut.  I have been in those before, and they are no fun.

But, even on my worst running days, I can't help but smile when I run by this spot.  This is around the block from my house, and it is a beautiful view of the lake.  Each morning, it is an incredible feeling to run past this spot and see the sun over the water, the green mountains of Vermont in the distance and the boats gliding quietly in the early morning.  I always know that life is good when I see this on my short morning run.  Quite honestly, this picture doesn't do the location justice.  I tried to capture the magic of the water, but sometimes you just have to experience it firsthand.


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