Friday, June 24, 2011

Clean Food Challenge - Day 3

As I sit here typing this post, my two-year old son is standing on the chair behind me and he's trying to shove animal crackers in my mouth.  It's surprisingly easy to resist.  In one of her posts, Emilie commented that she really likes having a set of rules to follow.  I find that I am the same way.  It's fun (in a sadistic sort of way) to have to refuse the things that I'm tempted to eat because they aren't "clean."  I'm not sure how healthy that sounds, but it's the truth.

Day 3 was a good day, but I did find that the after dinner period was difficult again.  I really wanted something sweet after dinner, and it's hard not to turn to the mass quantities of chocolate in the house.   Instead, I resorted to smelling a bag of chocolate chips, eating a bunch of raisins and drinking a large glass of water.  I felt pretty good after.  I have a "problem" with sugar, and find that the more I eat it, the more I crave it. It's good to get it out of my system.  After the challenge is over, I will definitely eat chocolate and other sweets again, but I will be more mindful of how much and how often.  Moderation is key.

Here is a breakdown of my meals for the day:

Breakfast - Another green monster using the same ingredients as yesterday, coffee (this is a given)

Lunch - The last of the quinoa with black beans and corn and the last of the grilled sweet potatoes

Dinner - Stir fry with tempeh, garlic scapes, snow peas, broccoli, carrots, and red pepper.  I made a peanut sauce and drizzled it over the stir fry.  It was delicious!  I still have half of it left for another meal.

Snacks - Rice cake with almond butter, tortilla chips with guacamole (I decided these were OK since they only had four ingredients, all recognizable and all on the allowed list), raisins

I'm going to make some new snacks tomorrow, including the Goodie Earth balls that I mentioned in the last post.  I'll post recipes when I do. 

I realized that I haven't included a water recap in any of my posts so far.  I have been able to meet (or come very close) my water intake requirements for each day, and my bladder sure is feeling it.  I haven't had to get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night since the last time I was pregnant, and I have had to each night of this challenge.  Sorry for the TMI!

So, once again, I feel great and am loving the CFC.  I'm so glad I jumped on board this time.  I'm actually thinking about doing it every couple of months as a way to keep myself on track.  Thanks for the motivation, Emilie!


  1. Willow! You and I would totally be good friends if we lived close by. Great job getting into the CFC and blogging all in one week! Love having you with us!

  2. Thanks, Emilie! I'm really getting into this blogging thing. I even find myself thinking about/writing future blog posts in my head while I'm running.