Thursday, June 23, 2011

Clean Food Challenge - Day 2

The second day of the clean food challenge was just a wonderful as the first.  I'm really enjoying how this "diet" is making me feel.  Overall, the day was pretty easy.  I'm really enjoying all of the foods and am excited to try some new recipes for the rest of the week.  I did have a few minutes of frustration in the early evening when my daughter was filling up her special candy dish for the week (more on that parenting strategy in another post).  I saw all of the dark chocolate in the candy bin that sits on top of our fridge and I just wanted to indulge so badly.  I eat dark chocolate and it was tough to see all of it in the bin and not be able to eat some.  I drank a large glass of water instead and found something to do in a different part of the house.  The urge passed pretty quickly.  I am realizing how much I mindlessly snack.  So many times, I have found myself almost eating the last few bites of the kids grilled cheese or a handful of their crackers or cheddar bunnies.  I am a snacker by nature, and I'm realizing that I go through each day snacking so much that I don't even realize what I am eating most of the time.  The challenge is helping me recognize when and why I would normally snack and be more mindful of what I put into my mouth.  I'm hoping this carries over past the end of the challenge.

Here is a breakdown of my food for the day:

Breakfast - Gigantic green monster with kale, banana, pineapple, mango, and hemp seeds

Lunch - More quinoa with black beans and corn and a peach

Dinner - Gigantic salad with avocado and black olives, grilled sweet potatoes and a sunshine burger.

Snacks - peach, watermelon, rice cake with homemade almond butter

I need to find more snacks that I can eat throughout the day.  Since I had my wisdom teeth out, I'm not supposed to eat nuts.  These would normally be a go to snack for me.  I'm still planning to make some hummus, which I'll eat with veggies for a snack and I'm also thinking I will make some "Goodie Earth Balls" (recipe tomorrow).

On to day 3!


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